NotesDirect is currently inactive, please go Notices page for updates regarding any future plans.


What Is NotesDirect?

As Investors, we want to INVEST in real estate notes…not waste valuable time LOOKING for notes.

The hassle of searching for quality notes, negotiating prices, and chasing paperwork are now a thing of the past with NotesDirect – Your One Stop Shop For Notes!

Note Investing Fundamentals

A look at the fundamental building blocks of Real Estate Note Investing including deal flow, deal analysis, due diligence, and servicing to generate cash flow and ROI.

Using The NotesDirect Online Platform

Take a tour of the NotesDirect listing platform with detailed video walk-throughs on:

1. Registration & Account Settings
2. Searching Assets & FAQ
3. Submitting Offers, Due Diligence & Contingent Offers